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Kin Marie is a Chicago based artist, film producer and post-colorist. Their artistic practice currently focuses on the visual culture of afrofuturism, its social imaginations and how this ideology can serve as a blueprint for cultural growth through both a mundane and interpretive lens. Marie uses visual media as a vehicle for critical research and experimentation on the intersection between art, mediation and social space.

Filmmaker's Mixtape Challenge 

The Filmmaker's Mixtape is a fellowship comprised of 5 filmmakers. Through the mentorship of Briana Clearly, we've accepted the challenge to produce a film of any genre every month of the year of 2024. The main challenge for me during this process is releasing my perfectionist tendencies and to create for creations sake.

Not every month will be perfect, but each month will certainly be needed practice.

Check out my most recent projects, and stay tuned throughout the year!

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       Filmmaker's Mixtape Podcast